Published: Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Asia Yachting, the exclusive dealer for Nautique in Hong Kong, presented the Super Air Nautique GS20, a multi-sport boat for skiers, boarders and surfers.

Asia Yachting Presents Super Air Nautique Gs20

(Photos: Asia Yachting - Super Air Nautique G20)

The Super Air Nautique G series won its title with the G23 model, consecutively taking home the WakeWorld Riders Choice award for both “Wakeboarding Boat of the Year” for four times and “Wakesurfing Boat of the Year” for three times.

The 2017 brand new GS series features a dynamic hull built to optimise the wake and wave as well as the Nautique Surf Select compatible with the Pebble smart watch for riders to control the wake while riding.

Asia Yachting Presents Super Air Nautique Gs20 1

At 400hp with over 1.8 tonnes of ballast power, the GS20 also boasts the 12.4ft Nautique Linc Panoray touchscreen for the driver, and optional Nautique Awareness Camera for better rider-driver communication.

With a starting price of under 850,000HKD (not inclusive of shipping), the first Super Air Nautique GS20 in Asia arrived in mid-July.