Published: Friday, 21 July 2017

Italian shipbuilder CRN, specialising in the construction of custom steel and aluminium vessels between 40-100m, unveiled the concept of the 50m Superconero, which will be launched next winter. 

Crn Reveals Concept Of 50m Superconero

(Image: Ferretti Group - 50m Superconero)

The new superyacht, whose name was inspired by historic ‘Superconero’ of the 1960s, has been designed and engineered by CRN’s Engineering Department in cooperation with design firm Zuccon International Project, who took care of the exterior profile and the interiors, the latter working side by side with CRN’s Interiors & Design Department.

Superconero has a beam of 8.6m, and falls within 500GRT.

She features a balcony, which can be used while cruising, as well as the open sea terrace, the aft beach club and the floating garage for the tender. When opened, the garage forms a lounge at the water level with the beach club together.

The interior employs Liberty style across all decks, featuring soft and sinuous lines, along with curvy furniture.