Published: Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Tankoa Yachts has joined forces with luxury firm Exclusiva Design for the 72m Progetto Bolide, with the latter creating her exteriors and interiors.

Tankoa Joins Forces With Exclusiva Design For Progetto Bolide 2

(Images: Exclusiva - Progetto Bolide)

They will unveil the project at the Tankoa press conference on September 29 at the Yacht Club de Monaco during Monaco Yacht Show (September 27-30).

With over 36 projects delivered in the last five years and numerous awards, Exclusiva with its over 40 in-house designers have worked on projects for companies including Gazprom, Ferrari China, and now also partners with Tankoa Yachts.

Euro Contenti, CEO of Tankoa Yachts, commented: “I’ve been building yachts for over 40 years and during my tenure at Baglietto, I launched some extraordinary yachts such as Blue Ice which lines are turning heads still today.

Tankoa Joins Forces With Exclusiva Design For Progetto Bolide

(Exclusiva headquarter)

“When we first met with the Exclusiva people, we were all wondering about what sort of project they were willing to submit us with as we all know designing a building or even the highest luxury mansion has nothing to do with a boat. Surprisingly, they did not submit us with a design but with a long list of what they considered the modern yacht of tomorrow should come with, and could not be found on the market today.

“From there, and only after multiple meetings with our technical office, they came up with a design. And they stuck to their promises of drawing a yacht that resembles no other, offers a stunning layout and followed all our technical requirements. No question, we are excited about having been chosen by such respected firm to build their design!”

Tankoa Joins Forces With Exclusiva Design For Progetto Bolide 1

(Fabio Mazzeo)

Fabio Mazzeo, Exclusiva Design Director, said: “We’ve been visiting many shipyards in the past year as we spent several months creating our ideal yacht design and our wish was to keep cultivating the Italian heritage also in the building.

“The approach, flexibility and processes we found at Tankoa are simply unique. Tankoa having no will to run after big production numbers, the guys there are just delivering superior quality as a direct result of their passion.

“With this in mind, we felt Tankoa was the perfect fit for our Progetto Bolide. Not only did we recognise Tankoa the ideal partner for what we have in mind to achieve, our technical consultant remitted us analysis of the performances of the Tankoa’s 72m technical platform that have no equivalent in the sector. And this has also been a major factor in our decision to go with Tankoa”.