Published: Monday, 17 July 2017

Henry Kaye’s Thor from Britain led the Racing Multihull Class and obtained victory at the Multihull Solutions Regatta (July 13-16) in Phuket, Thailand. Asia Catamarans Hurricane’s Alan Carwardine and crew claimed second place and Peter Wood’s Top Cat, third.

Thor Triumphs At Multihull Solutions Regatta

(Photo: Phuket Yacht Club - Thor)

Five races for the Fireflys have John Newnhams’s Twin Sharks on top with Voodoo skippered by Ian Coulson and Mil Grace (The Frog) in second and third respectively.

Five races were also enough for the Corsair Pulse 600 class. Although Andrew DeBruin’s Multihull Solutions H30 took top spot in Race 5, it wasn’t enough to overtake Paul Baker and John Priestly’s Pulse Yellow to win the class in the Regatta. 

Cruising Multihull class enjoyed the strong winds with victories held by Robert Hossack’s Rapter in first, Rick Fielding’s Mojo in second and Mike Spurle’s Proud Cat in third. The second race on the final day saw Mojo, Rapter and Proud Cat on the podium with overall results in that order. 

Three boats in Multihull Racing decided on another race due to lower podiums places. Despite a cat fight with Java tearing her jib and performing impressively on the downward legs of spinnaker runs in the two-leg course, Top Cat has placed third with Java and Phantom V finishing fourth and fifth places respectively overall.