Published: Friday, 11 August 2017

A marine electric drivetrain will be shown in Europe for the first time at this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival (September 12-17). The all-electric system is claimed to be the only drivetrain on the market to match the performance of leading thermal engines.

Cannes To Host First European Showcase Of Marine Electric Drivetrain

(Photos: JP RIBS - marine electric drivetrain)

Jonathan Edgar, CEO of JP RIBS said: “All-electric systems seen in superyacht tenders up until now have tended to be token efforts – they’re electric but they don’t perform to a functional level, or with an adequately-long battery life.

“These LTS Marine systems are quick, powerful and functional – as a superyacht Captain, I wouldn’t recommend anything that wasn’t.”

The systems are manufactured in Canada by LTS Marine and are widely used in North America, though haven’t been available to the rest of the world until Cannes. They’ll be on display on the JP RIBS / LTS Marine stand at the Cannes Yachting Festival stand QML339.

Cannes To Host First European Showcase Of Marine Electric Drivetrain 1

LTS systems feature permanent-magnet brushless motors, a power dense electronic inverter, onboard intelligent chargers and liquid cooled battery system.  

JP RIBS is owned by the current Captain of a 41m in-build yacht and a 27m Wally, and has the exclusive contract to distribute the electric propulsion systems throughout Europe and Asia Pacific. 

LTS Marine has installed the electric propulsion systems in various types of boats and heavy-duty commercial vehicles since 2009. The Canadian company’s systems are designed and assembled in its Montreal facilities after years of testing and research.

Bruno Tellier of LTS Marine said: “LTS Marine has a proven track record in creating powerful marine electric drivetrains and, combined with JP RIBS' craftsmanship, high quality, and leading attention to detail, we're thrilled to be able to offer zero emission drive trains and tenders to the superyacht market.”

Cannes To Host First European Showcase Of Marine Electric Drivetrain

Edgar noted the European boat building industry was already interested in green energy. He felt the only thing missing was green energy without compromise on performance.

Edgar said: “I’m used to performance vessels, and I’m impressed by the available torque and power from LTS systems. They give boat builders, owners and recreational water sports users the opportunity for a high-performance vessel that’s kind on the environment. And with the models already in use for years in Canada, I’m excited to be able to bring them to Europe.”

The two main elements of LTS Marine systems are the motor and the battery pack, which are the result of years of research. The electric motors installed in LTS’s propulsion system are manufactured by the Canadian company TM4 for the automotive industry. 

Main components used are designed and tested for the automotive market and in adherence with Marine Standards. LTS systems are built to endure demanding conditions and backed by a first-rate warranty.