Published: Tuesday, 03 October 2017

After showcasing six world premieres at the 40th Cannes Yachting Festival and being crowned the Best Shipyard of the Year, Ferretti Group presents the new CRN 74m M/Y Cloud 9 at the Monaco Yacht Show. The Custom Line Navetta 33 and the Pershing 108 were also debuted.

Ferretti Group Showcases Cloud 9 Navetta 33 Pershing 108 At Monaco 1 

(Photo: Ferretti Group - CRN Cloud 9)

The new 74m-long M/Y Cloud 9 saw its world premiere and was presented in partnership with Burgess. The mega yacht was launched at the end of January and was delivered this spring. 

The Group’s fleet is completed by two other models: the new Custom Line Navetta 33, awarded in Cannes for Best Design, and the maxi coupé Pershing 108, the flagship of the Pershing fiberglass fleet.

On opening day, the Group’s CEO Alberto Galassi and Chief Commercial Officer Stefano de Vivo presented the developments of their three-year investment plan in the super and mega yachts’ sectors, with particular attention to the latest news on Ferretti Group's Super Yacht Yard in Ancona during the press conference.

"The difference between Ferretti Group and the other shipyards is the way we combine the infinitely large as the always majestic mega yachts and the infinitely small: the big projects, our yachts in fiberglass and light-alloy, that hold the most sought-after details and at the same time also the most refined and sharpest style choices", said the CEO, Alberto Galassi.

"The results are clear: we are getting immense satisfaction in the segment of the yachts over 30m thanks to Riva, Pershing, Custom Line and CRN brands. And the future prospects promise even more joy.”

“Thanks to the investments already made, to those planned in the coming years and to an increasingly wide and varied product offering, our growth is constant, above the overall market.”

In particular, 25million euros are dedicated to the renewal of the shipyard until 2019. Of these, 8m have already been invested for the modernisation of existing facilities, for the creation of new ground and sea infrastructure destined to the construction of new models and for the development of refit-based business activity.

Over the past 12 months, the entire Navetta Custom Line fleet has also been transferred to Ancona, with six dedicated workstations, one of which now houses the construction of flagship Navetta 42 alongside three CRN yachts. 

The 79m CRN 135 will become the second largest ship ever built by the yard, while the hull of the 62m CRN 137 has just entered the production facility: both will be launched in 2019. The 50m CRN 136 Superconero will be ready next year.

Flagships Pershing 140 and the 50m Riva, the first-born of the new Superyachts Division, are under construction in the plant.

Overall, there are eight Custom Line fiberglass units and five Pershing, CRN and Riva stainless steel and aluminium vessels under construction at the Super Yacht Yard.

The future Custom Line flagship Navetta 42 will debut next spring, while the first Pershing 140 will be completed in late 2018 and will move to Asia Pacific, where it has been sold.