Published: Wednesday, 04 October 2017

Land Rover BAR is ready to plan and prepare their AC36 challenge for 2021 in 75ft monohulls after the announcement of the 36th America’s Cup Protocol.

Land Rover Bar Gets Ready To The 36th Americas Cup 2 

(Photo: Land Rover Bar -‘R1’ sailing session)

The major change was the return to monohulls and there were strong hints that the boat will foil like the multihulls used in the last Cup. The final rule will not be published until March 31 next year.

"We are comfortable with the transition, the key people in our sailing, design, engineering and support teams all have a great deal of relevant experience." said Team Principal, Ben Ainslie.

"With the rule not coming out until March, we hope that it will be a collaborative approach to its development with all stakeholders included."

A nationality rule was also introduced for the sailing teams.

"Land Rover BAR has always had a British identity and this rule won't affect us," continued Ainslie.

"The America's Cup is the hardest trophy to win in world sport, and it's likely that we will be travelling half-way around the world to compete on the home waters of the world's most successful modern America's Cup team.”

“Team New Zealand has been in all six of the openly contested Cups since 1995, and they have won three of them. We don't underestimate the challenge – it is immense – but we will call on the very best of British technology and innovation through our partners, and use that British fighting spirit to finally bring the Cup home to Britain.”

Land Rover Bar Gets Ready To The 36th Americas Cup 1

(Ben Ainslie)