Published: Monday, 09 October 2017

SuperYacht Aid Coalition (SAC)—comprised of a fleet of superyachts, businesses, and yacht support services to provide much needed relief and supplies to hurricane ravaged islands in the Caribbean—has deployed YachtAid Global (YAG) to in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

Sac Deploys Yachtaid Global On Hurricane Ravaged Islands 1

(Photos: Eli Fuller - Barbuda devastation)

“During the Monaco Yacht Show, a work group consisting of many important industry groups gathered together to organise a comprehensive response to the unfathomable Caribbean disaster which has so severely impacted many islands. [The islands have] hosted and fostered our industry and businesses for many decades,” said Norma Trease, founding member of SAC.

“New interest and financial support increases each day. During MYS, the following organisations showed their support by giving time, expertise and financial aid: MYBA, IYBA, LYBRA, BWA/ARK, PYA, AYSS, ACREW, ISS and many yacht support services companies such as YachtNeeds, Freedom Maritime, Riviera Yacht Support, Melita Marine, National Marine, and several yachts,” she added.

The role of the SuperYacht Aid Coalition is to marshal the resources of as many yachting partners and individuals as possible, specifically an urgent global call to action, provide PR and communication, and lead fundraising efforts.

“The contributions and assistance coming from the yachting industry in response to Hurricanes Irma and Maria are unprecedented,” said Mark Drewelow, YAG’s founder. 

“By managing the SuperYacht Aid Coalition under YAG’s proven logistical dexterity, we are able to harness these efforts. We believe the response of our owners and industry is capable of being as unprecedented as the events themselves.” 

Founded in 2006, YAG is a group of individuals including superyacht owners, captains, crew and industry professionals who voluntarily help communities in need of assistance around the world. 

In addition to organising and deploying resources to the Caribbean, YAG is also involved in communication, public relations, and fundraising for the SuperYacht Aid Coalition.

“Of utmost importance is the creation of a sole source ‘click to give’ instrument capable of both receiving crowd-funding while also providing a fundraising platform for individual yachts, crew and businesses,” said Tim Forderer, managing director.

“Today, we have re-launched It’s simple to use, donate and create custom stakeholder funding campaigns.” 

Fiona Maureso, MYBA President, commented: “This is a unique opportunity to channel the compassion of yacht owners and all those who work in our industry, supporting these amazing places, helping restore their basic infrastructure and enabling them to rebuild their lives and their economies.” 

“SAC is determined to harness participation from every facet of the yachting business: owners, crew, businesses and resource providers alike. Along with YAG, we also commit to providing updates to our industry as progress is made.”

Sac Deploys Yachtaid Global On Hurricane Ravaged Islands 2

(Eli Fuller)