Published: Wednesday, 29 November 2017

The Gold Coast-based yacht builder Riviera will be returning to the 30th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS) with a multi-million-dollar showcase including one world premiere model. SCIBS will be held on May 24-27.

Riviera Returns To Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show 1 

(Photo: Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show)

The Show’s General Manager, Johan Hasser, said they were thrilled to have Riviera’s return.

“Riviera is a major force in the global marine industry and we are pleased to have them join a host of leading motor yacht brands at next year’s Show.”

Having launched more than 5,200 motor yachts over its 37-year history, Riviera’s display will represent the brand’s five model collections – the SUV, Flybridge, Sports Motor Yacht, Sport Yacht and the Belize motor yacht range.

Riviera owner and Chairman Rodney Longhurst said the company was excited to be returning next year to celebrate the Show’s 30th anniversary alongside the rest of the marine community.

“SCIBS is the premium boat show in Queensland and the entire Riviera family is looking forward to being back and playing a part of this world-class event.”

Riviera has launched 12 new models since their last SCIBS appearance. In the coming Show, visitors will be able to step aboard and experience the yachts from their individual design collections.

“Over the past five years, we have created 12 new models and launched two entirely new motor yacht designs with our class-defining, long range 68 and 72 Sports Motor Yacht Collection and our sporty and adventurous SUV Collection featuring the 445, 525 and 575 models,” Longhurst said.

“We are excited to share our achievements over the past five years with SCIBS visitors. I know they will be very impressed with the calibre of yachts we are creating at Riviera today.”

Growing from an exhibitor Show in 1989 to the showcase it is today, the SCIBS attracts upwards of 40,000 visitors and more than 300 exhibitors each year.