Published: Thursday, 25 January 2018

Simon Blundell’s Aphrodite retains victory at the second Asia Superyacht Rendezvous (ASR) Cup, with Intrigue claiming the second and La Numero Uno in third.

Aphrodite Wins At Phuket Asia Superyacht Rendezvous Cup 1 

(Photo: Asia Superyacht Rendezvous Cup) 

Having received two trophies in a row, Blundell already showed interest to their third year in the race: “What magnificent racing… we loved it. This is what we are here for, to have sailing like that with company like you guys. It’s just as good as it gets. We can’t look forward enough to next year.”

The intrigue took lead in the first race, but gave away her title with corrected time due to a rip to the spinnaker in the second, which had allowed Aphrodite to catch up and maintain distance, and to finish just two minutes behind.

In the final race, both superyachts came in at 33m 05s, which confirmation was made with the World Sailing Technical Delegate that the winner of the second overall race would be named the champion.

“Very rarely do we have boats finish in that closely. And I think the key is that it shows that we are making an effort to allow similar boats, which always can be different sizes, to compete,” race officer Simon James said of the finish.

Two days of intense racing followed an opening day cocktail party aboard La Numero Uno. Special activities were woven into the race schedule, including the ‘ASR Challenge’ model yacht-building and racing party competition between superyacht teams.