Published: Wednesday, 24 January 2018

French yard Iguana Yachts has added the new 9.2m Iguana Commuter to its amphibious range.

Iguana Launches New Amphibious Commuter 2 

(Photo: Iguana Yachts - Iguana Commuter)

The commuter incorporates the electric land mobility system of the Original created and is powered by a zero emission engine, which makes it easy to mount virtually terrains on it’s ergonomically designed tracks.

Developed based on the existing high tech features in the Iguana range, such as GPS with deepfinder and autoguidance, underwater cameras and integrated sound system, the commuter also features more including an adjustable hardtop and an added cabin complete with invisibly integrated day head and varied storage options.

The Commuter Limo is fitted with six individual shock mitigating seats while the Sport model has a transformational bench seat layout complete with driver and passenger shock mitigating seats.

The driver seats in both models are fitted with memory positioning, allowing drivers to quickly return to their preferred command position when necessary.

Iguana Launches New Amphibious Commuter 1

(Commuter Limo)

Other key features include the electric anchor complete with automatic depth measure to ensure enough rope is deployed and the electric ladder which can be controlled on board and using the key remote control – which can also activate the lights and simple touch screen management system – for safe and secure passenger boarding.

The boat can be stored out of the water so there’s no need for antifouling. New owners will be provided with an introductory course to ensure they’re confident with their boat and assistance.

One of the first models will be used as a tender to Spectre, which has been commissioned with a removable windshield and roof to further reduce the silhouette and fit within the superyacht’s garage.