Published: Wednesday, 07 February 2018

After four days of passage races through the Phang Nga Bay archipelago and islands off Krabi’s coastline, Sergey Khamstov’s Megazip claimed the Racing Class top title for her second straight year at this year’s Bay Regatta, with Steve Manning’s Red Rum in second and Vitalii Plaksin’s Uminoko in third.

Megazip Takes Bay Regattas Top Honour 2

(Photo: The Bay Regatta fleet)

A line-up of 33 boats and almost 300 sailors from around the world competed in the regatta sailed through Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi. 

The cruising fleet was split into Cruising A and Cruising B, and it was the ladies team on Niels Degenkolw's Phoenix that proved the one to beat. A 1,1,2,1 secured them first place in Cruising A Class, five points ahead of Prime Factor with Southern Breeze 3 who claimed third with a second place in the final race.

Megazip Takes Bay Regattas Top Honour 1

(Mig Wehrle’s Aqua)

In Cruising B Class, it was the all Thai crew on Marigold, skippered by Ket Mangklaseranee, that dominated with a 2,1,1,1 series to finish top of the standings above Mig Wehrle’s Aqua in second and Paul Baker’s Isabella in third.

The Bareboat Charter Class saw a number of race retirements in different races during the series, however, George Brown’s Kinnon finished all and with it placed first overall. Despite retiring in the final race of the series, Denis Aksenov’s Venture held on for second overall just one point ahead of Russell Waddy’s Allsail Kingsman in third.

Phang Nga Bay provides the regatta backdrop and with good breeze the multihull fleet were flying hulls. Dan Moore's all-carbon Fugazi scored line honours in every race and claimed a record 2h 6mins on the final race from Krabi to Phuket, however, with handicap applied they couldn't finish on the Multihull Racing Class podium.

The overall win went to John Newnham’s Twin Sharks and his crew who had a few tricky moments high up with one hull of their Firefly 850 Sport out of the water, but they held on and sailed four races to finish the class. Alan Cawardine’s Asia Catamarans Hurricane finished second and George Eddings' Blue Nose was third.

Although slower than some, there was still plenty of racing between the Multihull Cruising Class competitors and it was  Robert Hossack’s Raptor 2001 that had the edge claiming the class win from Rick Fielding’s Mojo.