Published: Friday, 27 April 2018

Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS) Raja Ampat recently hosted a three-yacht birthday party voyage in Raja Ampat for an Indonesia business mogul. The festive event was organised by APS Director and long-time skipper, Captain Jimmy Blee.

Aps Hosts Three Yacht Birthday Party In Raja Ampat 1 

(Photo: Asia Pacific Superyacht - One of the three charter yachts for the occasion, Love Gaia)

Three boat charters and 15 tender boat charters voyaged around the archipelago for five days in celebration of the event. Sixty guests attended, including the US-based Red Bull race team.

APS Indonesia, the first company to offer specialist superyacht share support in the vast archipelago of the country, is also the first to open an office in the Raja Ampat area.

"Basically we aim to give the most comprehensive coverage we can to our clients based on our experience and resources being the most advanced in Indonesia," said Thomas Taatjes, General Manager of APS Raja Ampat. "Not only does this mean greater efficiency, it also means greater control of operations and costs for our clients which is key."