Published: Monday, 09 April 2018

Martek Marine has developed the D-Fence superyacht drone detection and defeat system to combat privacy, safety and security threat onboard yachts.

D Fence Launched To Defeat Drone Threat 1 

(Photo: Martek Marine)

While there’re massive advancements in drone endurance, range and payload capacity in recent years, price of the technology has plummeted, leading to a proliferation of drones expected to reach 12 million by 2020.

However, terrorist use to deploy explosives and poison gas attacks, and paparazzi’s intruding use of drones to approach superyachts, are already recognised problems.

The recently launched D-Fence detects and identifies commercial drones within a 20km-plus range, providing GPS positioning of both drone and the pilot together with its speed and heading, so that real-time configurable and escalating stage alarms can assess the threat level.

Once a real threat is established, the system enables a 500m-plus electronic ‘exclusion zone’ to be created around the yacht. The drone’s control or video signal will be blocked, if it attempts to approach the zone. It will further be initiated with its fail-safe mode, forcing to land or return to its operator.

Martek Marine said they have secured strong order book since the product launched, and are expanding operations to meet growing worldwide demand.

CEO of the company Paul Luen commented: “Drone technology offers some amazing opportunities within the luxury yacht sector but as ever, ‘bad actors’ will seek to use the technology for nefarious purposes. The development of D-Fence is a major breakthrough to help mitigate such threats and protect luxury yachts and their esteemed clientele.”