Published: Friday, 13 April 2018

Thirteen vessels have been sold during the four-day Taiwan International Boat Show, which has drawn 20,095 total visitors and 726 foreign buyers from 31 countries, including China, the United States, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Taiwan Show Concludes With 13 Yachts Sold 1 

(Photo: Taiwan International Boat Show)

Monte Fino Yachts sold a BZ 54 yacht with other exciting bookings for chartered journeys, such as some two-day yacht trips to the Penghu Fireworks Festival and diving at Xiaoliuqiu; Johnson Yacht sold two 70ft new yachts; Shin Sheng Fa Boat Building sold four small yachts; Dyna Argo Yacht Club held a handover ceremony for a 30ft vessel.

More include the two small yachts sold by the Morningstar Boats; three 58ft vessels sold by the Novatec Yachts Taiwan; and chairman of a well-known Taiwanese company expressed interest in a Horizon yacht.

Japanese buyers also visited the boat show to order vessels, praising yacht quality and craftsmanship in Taiwan, and showed satisfaction towards the wares on offer at the show this year.

Atech Composites, an exhibitor for accessories at the North Hall, put on a live demonstration of the yacht manufacturing process, and decorated their booth with arrangement of blocks. Buyers from Abu Dhabi placed orders for spare parts and component materials, while Dubai and Malaysian boat manufacturers conducted negotiations with Atech Composites on technology transfer and technical support services for the yacht manufacturing process.

Taitra – organiser of the Taiwan International Boat Show – arranged nearly 20 one-to-one procurement meetings. The sales value made on-site and in subsequent transactions is estimated to be more than US$10 million.