Published: Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Six weeks on from the Singapore Yacht Show (SYS) in April, exhibitors are still busy signing deals from leads generated from the 15,000-odd visitors who attended Sentosa Cove’s One°15 Marina.

Sales Continue To Sail In From Singapore Yacht Show 1 

(Photo: ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove)

Andy Treadwell, CEO of show organisers Verventia, says: “All round, it seems most of our exhibitors did good business at SYS this year.

“It’s all very well having a show that looks good and is reasonably busy – despite losing most of the last day to rain, the numbers were slightly up on 2017 – but it’s only a good year if people make sales. And we are hearing about lots of sales, good returns on investment, so we’re generally very pleased.” 

Simpson Marine, the biggest exhibitor at SYS this year, debuted the Sanlorenzo 78. The yacht was sold at the show, with a second order under contract immediately afterwards.

Nick Stratton, Sanlorenzo Sales Manager for Asia, confirmed that he is currently finalising contracts on two more Sanlorenzo production yachts as well as two superyachts with new clients he met at SYS.

Sales Continue To Sail In From Singapore Yacht Show 3

(Sanlorenzo SL78)

“SYS 2018 has been a successful platform for launching Sanlorenzo in Singapore and Southeast Asia - so much so, we are hoping to have three of our larger yachts on display in an even bigger line-up in Singapore next year. Clearly the market’s appetite is strong and the yacht show here is fostering it,” said Stratton.

Richard Allen, Group Sales Director at Simpson Marine, echoed the sentiment. “We also sold a new Lagoon catamaran and an Aquila Power Cat during the show itself, and followed this up with a number of other sales as a result of SYS. This has unquestionably been the best Singapore Yacht Show for us yet, and we have exhibited at every single edition. We look forward to being back in 2019!”

Meanwhile, Princess Yachts South East Asia also sold two boats during the Show whilst closing contracts on another two since, and their regional dealer Boat Lagoon Yachting additionally sold two Jeanneau yachts. 

Alister Brunskill, Singapore Country Head of Princess Yachts South East Asia, stated: “There are obviously ups and downs in any market, but we always do well in Singapore, and this has been one of the best ever boat shows. We have now sold six boats from SYS, five of them to new clients we met there, and we still have a lot more contacts to pursue.” 

Sales Continue To Sail In From Singapore Yacht Show 2

(Lagoon 50)

Local dealer Hong Seh’s collaboration with Ferretti bore fruit as they too sold several boats.

Lead broker, Della Rugdee, was happy with the result: “We’ve been completely overwhelmed since the SYS, with five yachts signed in a record breaking month. Looking forward to a series of handover parties now!"

Fabiomassimo Discoli, Asia Regional Sales Manager at Ferretti Group, added: “It is very important for us to be here - Singapore is a hub for all Asia, and SYS works really well as the main show for this huge region, which has so much potential.”

In addition, Leopard Catamarans has now handed over four Leopards to new clients in just over a month from the show – one 40-footer, one 45, and two 51 Powercats, with some more to go.

Shortly after the show, Verventia announced a new collaboration with Asia Rendezvous, organisers of the Phuket and Singapore Rendezvous. The agreement will see these two events combine with the Thailand and Singapore Yacht Shows next year, so that there is only one boat show in each of these locations.