Published: Tuesday, 04 September 2018

S/Y Dunia Baru worked with military police to deliver vital supplies to Lombok, where a series of earthquakes left nearly 500 people dead and homes and buildings severely damaged.

Dunia Baru Delivers Earthquake Relief To Lombok 3 

(Photo: Dunia Baru)

For two days, Dunia Baru’s owner Mark Robba along with family and friends from Indo Yachts, 37 South Yachts and Black Tomato delivered thousands of dollars worth of supplies based out of Medana Bay Marina, north of Lombok’s capital Mataram.

Dunia Baru Delivers Earthquake Relief To Lombok 1

"The amount of devastation exceeded my expectations,” said Robba, who described seeing flattened homes, roads made nearly impassable due to debris and countless displaced families across northeast Lombok, where rural towns off of the main roads had yet to receive much help.

Dunia Baru Delivers Earthquake Relief To Lombok 2

Thanks to donations from charter clients, colleagues and friends across the globe, the Dunia Baru team were able to bring provisions, including blankets, tarps, rice, gloves, a generator, gasoline, diesel fuel, fresh water, instant noodles, baby formula, instant milk and diapers. The 18-strong crew also served 500 hot meals to locals over the two days.

Dunia Baru Delivers Earthquake Relief To Lombok 4

“About 80 per cent of the houses and structures appeared to be totally destroyed over most of north Lombok. Nearly everyone is living under tarps – they are fearful there will be more earthquakes,” recalled Robba, who said that efforts on Lombok are now shifting towards reconstruction, with building materials and tools urgently needed to help people rebuild homes and structures.

"The really amazing thing is how many people are still smiling despite their suffering – and the people of Lombok have truly suffered,” Robba added. “Compared to their needs, our contribution is so small, but everyone has been so appreciative of the assistance we’ve given them. Lombok and the waters around it are special to Dunia Baru and we are glad we could help, even a little.”

If you would like to donate or find out how you can make a difference, a list of charities that are helping with the relief effort in Lombok can be found on the Dunia Baru blog at