Published: Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Gregory Yeakle, CEO of Gulf Craft, will continue to lead the UAE shipyard with a three-point strategy based upon the growth of all brands.

Gregory Yeakle Leads Gulf Craft Success 1 

(Photo: Gulf Craft - Gregory Yeakle)

Gulf Craft’s growing presence in Europe is further strengthened with its two Majesty superyachts – the Majesty 125 M/Y Altavita and Majesty 100 M/Y Svetlana – exhibiting at the Cannes Yachting Festival. Additionally, the shipyard portfolio will be added with the construction of its flagship Majesty 175, the first megayacht and is crafted in collaboration with naval architect Massimo Gregory and Italy’s Cristiano Gatto. She is scheduled to be launched by the second quarter next year.

Gregory Yeakle Leads Gulf Craft Success 2

(Majesty 100 M/Y Svetlana)

Gulf Craft shows no sign to slow down. Yeakle, who was appointed as the new CEO in June, will lead the journey forward with his envisioned three-pillar strategy. The three development areas will include renewing focus and management on brands and implementing new design language of all models, optimising budget to maximise return on investment, and structuring itself as a learning organisation to nurture employees.

Gregory Yeakle Leads Gulf Craft Success 3

(Majesty 125 M/Y Altavita)

"I firmly believe the future of any business is not driven by what you did yesterday but what you are doing today. One of our key strengths is that we’re a vertically integrated organisation, with our own team who handle all aspects of product development, unlike our competitors. That really helps when it comes to development speed of new products and our quest for improved quality," said Yeakle.