Published: Thursday, 22 November 2018

Aquila Power Catamarans have just presented a new version of their popular charter/day yacht, the Aquila 36. The Aquila 36 is now also available in the ‘Excursion’ version, with various usages available including Water Taxi, Diving Vessel, Patrol Boat and various seating configurations of 12, 16, 36 or even 40 passengers available. Additional options allow also for fully or partially available enclosed decks.

Aquila 36 Excursion Version Released

(Photo: Aquila Yachts)

The yacht can also be specially fitted out as a fishing boat and fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the spacious live well, cutting board area, large storage spaces with tool holders, and fishing holders.

The diving adaptation allows for dive tanks to be easily stored away aft and includes a dive ladder for easy access to the water.

Aquila 36 Excursion Version Released 2

(Photo: Aquila Yachts)

Lastly, additional options are a BBQ, more refrigerated space, and extra storage included.