Published: Thursday, 29 November 2018

Luxury yacht design has increasingly absorbed the best of home living, be it the sunlit reading nook or the marble kitchen counter. However, The Pavilia Bay, one of Hong Kong’s latest residential projects, reverses this by bringing yachting design to the home.

A brand-new project in the Pavilia Collection under The Artisanal Movement of New World Development, The Pavilia Bay in Tsuen Wan sports a superyacht design concept, most obviously in the clubhouse, Blue Pavilion, designed by renowned yacht designer Philippe Briand.

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Having signed off on more than 12,000 boats in his award-winning career, the Frenchman brings his seasoned eye for optimal proportion, comprehensive structure and performance to his first residential clubhouse project.

As Briand’s first waterfront residential project to mimic a superyacht on a voyage, no detail is overlooked. Illumination on the podium facade, for instance, imitates underwater lights on a superyacht, while the spiral staircase is wrapped with a relief world map.

Tpb Spiral Staircase 2 

The remarkable function room, meanwhile, is adorned with classic glossy wall finishing and bespoke round dining tables with wood veneers. It also looks out to enchanting views of the seemingly endless Rambler Channel.

The dedication to mirroring life at sea extends beyond aesthetics: constructed with more than 650 steel plates, weighing more than 75 tonnes in total, the podium facade is made via a complicated yet superfine steel plate fabrication technique. Each steel plate has gone through a bespoke crafting procedure, a process that mimics that of actual superyacht construction.

Tpb Podium Night 3 

The flagpole and the bridge, meanwhile, are made with carbon fibre, a material that’s rare in construction due to its complexity and cost, but is popular among luxury yacht builders.

Outside, the nautical deck also borrows from materials widely used on yachts, all of which were flown in from the Netherlands for authenticity and practicality.

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While the decking offers extreme slip resistance under both wet and dry conditions, the furniture was also carefully selected to convey a laid-back oceanic style and feel to truly help city-goers wind down.

Aligned with the ethos of The Artisanal Movement – “We Create, We are Artisans” –The Pavilion Bay not only spotlights on creativity but it also brings in cross-industry expertise, revealing new horizons in architectural landscape.

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