Published: Wednesday, 05 December 2018

Bilgin Yachts has been creating three new projects lately: Bilgin 156, 220 and 263. The Bilgin 156-II has the similar features with 47.5-metre Nerissa that debuted during the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show. The yacht is named Lilium since it reflects the simplicity and minimalism in its design consisting of light colors, satin-gold tones while the use of black marble creates a contrast. The newest project Bilgin 220 is 67 metres in length. Under construction in Yalova, the yacht will bear masculine lines in its interior and exterior designs which fits its powerful performance of up to 17 knots. Last but not least, the 80-metre Bilgin 263 I and II are getting ready in the shipyard’s newest facility West Istanbul Marina. The first unit - also the largest Bilgin yacht to date - will be launched in 2019.

Bilgen Yachts Announces 2019 Projects 1

(Photo: Bilgen Yachts - Bilgin 156-II Lilium)

Having worked with the Bilgin Yacht’s build team previously on projects such as the Nerissa, Giaola-Lu and the M, the H2 Yacht Design team thinks that design in the superyacht sector is always changing, and new and exciting lifestyle demands are driving that constant shift. They find it a pleasure to work with Bilgin, which actively looks to evolve with each project. They add, “we are particularly excited to bring the 80-metre 263 to the water next year; a project which has been a real journey for the team at H2 Yacht Design. We can’t say much about the project itself, but we can offer an insight into the lifestyle as a whole. The goal was to offer guests the absolute, not only in terms of space, light and style but a genuine sense of long-term comfort on board. An 80-metre is built to spend serious time at sea, so the interior and the experience becomes integral.”

Bilgen Yachts Announces 2019 Projects 3

(Photo: Bilgen Yachts - Bilgen 263-I)

According to Emrecan Özgün, the Founder and CEO of Unique Yacht Design, in 2019, balanced interior and exterior concepts will keep their popularity while people might look for theoretically small but practically large and comfortable living areas. He adds that Bilgin 220 is a project designed from this point of view. He says, “This yacht offers a dolce vita to its guests. The exterior lines can be described as sexy, sharp, masculine, modern and most importantly timeless. You can see large windows and portholes which are design standards in today’s world. This definitely reflects the freshness of the exterior area to the interior.”

Bilgen Yachts Announces 2019 Projects 2

(Photo: Bilgin Yachts - Bilgen 263-I)

“Contemporary materials have different forms due to the technological developments. I highly believe that we will see more futuristic designs in the coming year,” says İlkan Dovan, from Bilgin Yacht’s design team. She describes the interior living areas of Lilium as silky looking with a eucalyptus veneer, while saying that the yacht is the living form of a sunny and happy day. According to her, more daylight will [inform] the design elements in future as it does in the main room and cabins of Lilium. Mehmet Şengün, the General Manager of Bilgin Yachts, approaches the yachting sector in a positive way while he believes in technology’s role in building yachts. “In a world where globalism and digitalism are highly important, we always see quite different and new designs in the market. Today, the yachting sector is in an expected point. We blend the designs with the developing technology in our designs while we always follow the trends around the world,” says Şengün. He states that Lilium will be seens as a timeless yacht thanks to the eucalyptus coating, brass and bronze mirrors.