Published: Wednesday, 05 December 2018

This November, Heesen announced the sale of YN 18750, 5000 Aluminium class, in collaboration with Arcon Yachts who introduced the client.

YN 18750 – also known as Project Aster – started on speculation and is currently seven months away from delivery. This is the third contract signed in 2018 for a total of 190 linear meters and 3,259 gross tonnes. The short delivery time, the top speed of 23 knots and the renowned Dutch quality attracted Project Aster’s new owners, who are yacht connoisseurs.

Heesen Sells Yn 18750 Project Aster 2 

(Photo: Heesen Yachts)

40 years of experience allowed Heesen to be able to build aluminium hulls to enormously demanding tolerances. The in-house team of engineers and skilled welders have created a very slippery semi-displacement hull, that when powered with two MTU 16V 4000 engines will deliver not only speed, but also efficiency and a smooth ride in any and all sea conditions. Aster is a true blue-water motor yacht, with a transatlantic range of 3,100 nm at cruising speed of 11 knots.

Heesen Sells Yn 18750 Project Aster 4

(Photo: Heesen Yachts - Project Aster today)

At 50 metres and below 500GT, Aster combines performance, comfort, space and refined luxury. Her exterior lines by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects embody Heesen’s DNA: the pelican beak bow with reverse sheer and the sporty mast give Project Aster a very distinctive look. Cristiano Gatto created an interior design that celebrates the lineage of her foresisters.

Heesen Sells Yn 18750 Project Aster 3 

(Photo: Heesen Yachts - Project Aster in September)

A broad variety of materials and finishes characterise Project Aster’s interior design, complementing her "quiet and serene" ambience. Although the design shies away from over-embellishment, the richness and the variety of luxurious details are easy to see - Cristiano aimed for perfection in simplicity. The versatile layout comprises five lower deck suites and a master stateroom on the main deck forward, with the capacity for twelve guests serviced by nine crew.

Project Aster will be delivered to her new owners in June 2019 after rigorous trials in the North Sea.