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Oceanco - Anastasia

Oceanco’s Anastasia is a veritable treasure ship for those seeking sun, fun and plenty of watersports action in a very relaxed style

Christened with a name that originally referred to the ancient Greek word for resurrection, Anastasia is a yacht built for people with plenty of get up and go. The salient feature of this 75-metre masterpiece from Dutch superyacht builder Oceanco is the huge space given to watersports toys on the main deck – so much so that Sam Sorgiovanni, the Australian designer responsible for both the interiors and exteriors, had to start with the lower decks.

In fact, the story of Anastasia’s commissioning speaks volumes about this boat, now available for summertime chartering in the Mediterranean. The owner and his family had chartered a vacation aboard the yacht Aussie Rules, also a creation from Sorgiovanni’s pencil. Aussie Rules is all about water sports, and the time aboard left a lasting impression on the owner about what a yacht should be.

Venturing into Sorgiovanni’s office, the owner and his family went through a series of sketches and finally settled on the shape that would finally become Anastasia. Oceanco, with its reputation for distinctive builds, seemed a natural fit for the shipyard.

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Toys unlimited

Like Oceanco’s previous build Alfa Nero, Anastasia is not for people who want to spend time lounging in a cavernous saloon. This is a boat for people who want to enjoy the outdoors to the limit. For starters, Anastasia comes equipped with four tenders: two customised Vikal 9.5-metre launches, one open and one limo; a specialised speed boat designed for towing wakeboarders and other thrill-seekers; and all-purpose RIB tender for use by the crew. The Vikal 9.5-metre boats are stowed in an aft garage and released via overhead sliders, while the other two boats are launched from the foredeck. By contrast, the 82-metre Alfa Nero sports three tenders.

Each of the Vikals feature a bow that opens up, allowing family and guests to hit the beach in truly gracious style. Moreover, each of the four tenders features navigation and communication equipment, and each carries a locater beacon which can be tracked onboard Anastasia. This allows for longer journeys by each tender away from the yacht.

Anastasia boasts six competition jet skis, four two-seater waverunners, two kayaks and a set of sailboards. On top of this, there are windsurfers, fishing gear, and plenty of other goodies for the adventurous spirit.

A separate compartment in the water toy area houses the Scuba equipment – enough to make Jacques Cousteau jealous. There are suits and breathing apparatus sets for 15 people, all neatly stowed on a clever slide-out rack. The air-filling station includes a Nitrox mixing facility, while the breathing sets are fitted with underwater communications capacity. If all this weren’t enough, Scuba-diving enthusiasts can make use of a set of diver propulsion vehicles – handheld units that speed divers along at much faster rates underwater.

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To access the tenders once launched, Anastasia has two hull doors with steps that lead down to a pontoon station, letting guests get on and off their water toys easily. And since there are so many extra vehicles using extra fuel, Anastasia comes with a specially-built, 400-litre fuel tank under the lazarrette and connected to a filling station. When the tank is empty, it can be lifted out of its position, put on the back of the general purpose tender and taken ashore for refilling.

The lazarette door opens up to create a large bathing platform. The swim platform at the rear lowers 1.5 metres into the water, and as you might expect, was designed to launch and recover up to four jet skis at a time.

All of this means that the water toys area takes up nearly half of the lower deck, from midships running aft. In fact, Sorgiovanni centred the design of Anastasia around the tender garage – an unusual twist for a superyacht, given that most large boats are used as floating cocktail lounges. As a result, moving around in the water toys area is easy and spacious, with plenty of elbow room for getting suited up.

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Moving on up

Once dried off from a good session of playing around in some gorgeous bay with crystal-clear blue waters, guests aboard Anastasia can proceed to any number of options for chilling out or warming up. After getting showered and dried off in the tender garage area, guests can move forward to the built-in cinema, equipped with great surround sound, comfy plush sofas and overhead projector. The movie options are, naturally, nearly unlimited.

Should your idea of drying off from a day on the water involve cocktails and lounging in the sun, Anastasia will not disappoint. On the interiors, don’t expect jaw-dropping sights. Rather than opulent, Anastasia’s owner wanted to create a sense of relaxation. The governing design ethic was luxury beach house, rather than stately manor or pleasure palace.

Finishings in bamboo and eculyptus make up the main panels on both walls and floors. Exotic woods are to be found, but used sparingly and often providing accents rather than themes. Bold shapes in furniture are the norm, with large lights done in art deco style, to provide a slightly decorative touch. Individual guest rooms feature variations in tones, colours and materials on the beach-house feel, but remain within the overall aesthetic.

The owner’s cabin, while also keeping to the beach theme, literally vaults a step higher. It occupies the forward portion of the upper deck. An adjoining study features a two-storey high ceiling, while the bedroom area features a stunning, 180-degree view of the sea. There is an adjoining small deck just off the main cabin that’s a perfect spot for a cozy breakfast for two.

The guest cabins are all located on the forward part of the main deck, which puts them up higher above the waterline than those of most other superyachts. The effect will no doubt have guests up at the crack of dawn, eager to get out and put all those toys to good use when the weather is inviting. Large windows let in plenty of natural light and, thanks to being high above the water, give guests excellent views.

All four guest cabins feature double beds plus an additional, fold-out Pullman berth, plus a sofa and desk. Two feature complete ensuites with bath and shower.

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