Published in: Thursday, 07 October 2010
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Hanseatic Marine - Silver Zwei

The sister yacht to the original Silver, Silver Zwei, was recently in Hong Kong, where her owner enjoyed Sai Kung and spoke about his obsession with efficiency

On meeting Guido Krass, the German eco-industrialist and owner/builder of Silver and his second yacht, Silver Zwei (zwei is German for two), you get the feeling that he’s quietly taking note of every piece of information or detail that could be needed later. Krass is obsessed with efficiency. It’s a topic that he brings up often, particularly as he is guiding a guest about his very distinctive 73-metre superyacht, which recently visited Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour.

Krass made his fortune starting and running companies in the green energy field, in particular, photovoltaic power generation, and in fitting and refitting buildings for energy efficiency. You can trace a direct line between that single-minded focus on efficiency and the sleek lines of Silver Zwei. After all, the field of renewable energy generation is all about finding ways to efficiently transfer natural energy into usable electricity. Krass also speaks of the need to preserve our planet for future generations. I ask why he didn’t build a sailboat in that case. “Well, I still want to be able to go quickly from A to B at times.”

He also points out that most sailing superyachts are used primarily as motorsailors, adding that the majority of yachts are motoryachts. So, he concludes it’s better to start promoting the advantages of efficient motoryachting. Indeed, Krass is a little unusual as a motor superyacht owner. Most tend to shy away from publicity and are rarely seen on their yachts (contrasting with sailing superyacht owners). Krass is quite happy to be onboard whenever journalists are around.

Designing boats and yachts has been described as a series of trade-offs in which the performance of a boat in one aspect is sacrificed to improve it in another. In the case of the Silver sisterships, it was a conscious decision to sacrifice volume in favour of the sleek hull shape. At 73.5 metres in length overall, she is the longest motoryacht hull built out of aluminium. With a beam of just ten metres, Silver Zwei is the epitome of slim hull construction.

Zwei 1

While yacht builders have been working on various hull configurations that cut fuel consumption without sacrificing volume, these designs (or the hybrid engine counterparts) often achieve. With the slender hull shape and relatively light-weight construction, Silver Zwei has achieved some stunning records. Krass points out that the initial hull design was in development for nearly five years. 

Numbers prove the story. Silver Zwei had recently covered the distance from Abu Dhabi to Singapore in 12 days, averaging speeds of around 20 knots and using about 400 litres of fuel per hour. According to Krass, that’s about half of what a boat of this displacement would need. An early model Sunseeker 105, with a 31-metre length overall and 6.3-metre beam, consumes 500 litres at her cruising speed of 20 knots.   

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