Published: Friday, 30 December 2011

In November, Italian sailing superyacht builder The Perini Navi Group, delivered the 45-metre Clan VIII, the result of a collaboration between Perini Navi’s Design Team and Ron Holland. It is the fourth of the steel-hulled 45-metre series delivered by the Perini Navi Group.

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This sloop features all the hallmarks of Perini Navi yachts, including a spacious fly-bridge and the opening stern, which reveals a structural staircase that descends to a seven-square-metre swim platform that complements a lateral opening shell door on the yacht’s port side.


The Perini Navi-built mast rises 52 metres above the waterline and the vessel carries an upwind sail area of almost 900 m2. The centreboard affords a draught of 
3.9 m with the board as much as 8.75-metres draught in the down position and in conjunction with her efficient appendages – including a rudder with a relatively high aspect ratio – and large sail area provides the best possible sailing performance for this ocean cruising yacht boasting a particularly large internal volume.

The midship machinery space includes a single Caterpillar C32  820kW diesel main engine, which gives Clan VIII a 13.5-knot speed under power. The interior of Clan VIII, designed in-house by the Perini Navi Design Department, combines ebony and teak.