Published: Friday, 08 February 2013
Ryan Swift

Feadship Launches Largest Superyacht 2

Feadship has launched the 99-metre Dream from its yard in Makkum - the largest yacht built by Feadship and also the largest superyacht ever built in the Netherlands. More than four years in the making, Dream features the work of the design team of Andrew Winch and Feadship. Despite coming at 99 metres LOA, Dream has a projected speed over 24 knots, owing to experience on hull designs such as Predator, and the quadruple engines with contrallable pitch propellors. Dream also features an enclosed helicopter storage system, letting the helicopter drop below deck during passages. The launch comes on the heels of the release of Venus, the yacht that was built by Feadship reportedly for the late Steve Jobs, and also featuring dramatic styling.

 Feadship Launches Largest Superyacht 3