Published: Monday, 18 February 2013
Mike Fulton

From its shipyard in Les Sables d'Olonne, France, Priviege Marine has finally revealed a new model expected to make its debut later this year.

Incorporating many of the classic lines and innovative features from its Privilge line of yachts, the company has designed a new power catamaran in its Euphoria line that was so popular in the 90s - the S6. The design is a collaboration between naval architect Marc Lombard and famous yacht designer Frank Darnet. The hull has been calculated and designed for some serious performance while the interior design of the boat has been worked out for optimised use of the space available on the main deck. The flying bridge has a hardtop.

Privilege Finally Lifts The VeilThe sleek and rather futuristic lines of Privilege's newest yacht

The Euphoria line boats come in varying sizes from 50 to 75 feet long and the S6 is expected to be around 60 foot.

Privilege Unveils Radical New Design Concept An idea of the sort of interior that can be incorporated in the new S6

Privilege Marine will be exhibiting at the Hainan Rendezvous at the end of March.