Published: Friday, 05 April 2013
Mike Fulton

Doyle Sailmakers has announced that it has been awarded the contract to supply the complete sail inventory for the upcoming 60-metre performance sloop under construction at Perini Navi. 

The inventory comprises 10,200-square-metres of sail area, including what the company claims will be the world's two largest spinnakers.

Doyle To Supply Sails For 60m Sloop 3

Doyle said in a statement that essential to the success of this program will be the contribution of Doyle CFD's analysis which is being used to model all aspects of the sail shapes and loading, completely integrating data from the boat's hull and rig in real sailing conditions. This will ensure that the sails and associated hardware are all up to the task of propelling this yacht through the water.

CEO Robbie Doyle comments: "With this project we are fortunate to take everything we have learned over the past 30 years on both superyachts and Grand-Prix race boats and put it all together in one package. We are extremely excited to be working with the project team at Perini Navi, Future Fibers and Ron Holland Design to see this through to completion."

The yacht is scheduled for completion in early 2014 and will make her debut at the 2014 St Barths Bucket regatta.

Headquartered in Salem, Massachussets, Doyle Sailmakers has been involved in other superyacht projects, including the sails aboard Maltese Falcon and M5, as well as the 40-metre Perini Navi sloop State of Grace, to name just a few.