Published: Thursday, 20 June 2013
Mike Fulton

North Korea stereotypically conjures up images of impoverished civilian life and military goose-stepping under the command of the nation’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Not part of that familair image is a recently discovered 30-meter luxury yacht worth some $7 million.  

Kim Jong Uns Perincess 3

According to NK News, an independent North Korea news outlet, Kim Jong-un had been navigating his nation’s East coast on his 10-day guidance tour, cruising on a luxury vessel.  

According to NK News, the yacht is a Princess 95MY, manufactured by the British company Princess Yachts. The company is associated with other luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Moet Chandon, Christian Dior and many others, all operating under their parent company, the LVMH Group. 

Official media photos from Kim’s tour of North Korea’s coasts were the biggest giveaway, as the luxury yacht had been included in several of the photographs. “During an inspection of the ‘August 25th Fishery Station,’ the starboard side of a large luxury yacht was captured in a May 28 KCNA photo of Kim and his generals walking along the docks. It may have been deliberately included in the photo,” the news outlet stated. With the help of an unnamed aficionado familiar with these boats, the agency was able to determine the make and model of the ship. 

Kim Jong Uns Perincess 2

“Compare the details on the hard top roof between this yacht and a Princess 95MY,” said the boat broker familiar with Princess and other luxury yachts. “The opening, the three stainless-steel bar supporters under the flying deck room and the detailing on the radar arch are all identical,” he added. 

The acquisition of the Princess 95MY, if confirmed, would be a first for North Korea under Kim Jong-un, but it does maintain other personal ships. Kim Jong-un’s father, Kim Jong-il, had two large superyachts and a mobile swimming pool moored alongside other military naval craft. Kim Jong-il tried to add to his collection in 2009, but was blocked by international law. The sale of two Azimut yachts, reportedly bound for North Korea, was halted because of a UN Security Council resolution that prohibited the sale of luxury goods to North Korea under Resolution 1718.