Published: Wednesday, 07 August 2013
Mike Fulton

Sanlorenzo and the prestigious studio Officina Italiana Design (OID) recently signed an agreement for the design of future Sanlorenzo models destined for the global yachting market. This will begin with the new 50/60-foot entry-level fiber-glass yacht and go all the way up to the recently-announced new flagship: the Sanlorenzo 62Steel, a 62-meter steel superyacht.

Sanlorenzo Partners With Officina Italiana Design

This partnership is important for the whole sector as it represents a natural connection between two of the leading players in the yachting industry over the past decade.

From this significant tie-up will soon come the future Sanlorenzo models with that traditional family feel which has characterized Sanlorenzo motoryachts for over 50 years. It will set a new benchmark for the whole international yachting industry, in terms of style and elegance - yachts with essential lines that will never become obsolete and will always be truly classic with their timeless designs.

Several new Sanlorenzo models, designed by Officina Italiana Design, are already in their advanced project phase. The new 62-metre 62Steel superyacht was drawn by the talented designer Mauro Micheli and is a perfect example of Sanlorenzo's style.

“Sanlorenzo and Officina Italiana Design,” said Sanlorenzo CEO Fulvio Dodich, “have been following parallel paths at the top of the yachting industry, always sharing the similar values of quality and elegance, that brought about beautiful motoryachts with timeless styles. I am sure that this partnership will produce the most attractive motoryachts of the coming years. These new yachts will become the new points of reference in the industry for many years to come. The new 62Steel is a clear example of that”.

“This collaboration with Sanlorenzo is both a great honor and a huge challenge,” said Mauro Micheli from OID. “We could have continued just working for any one of the important brands in the nautical market, but we decided the time was the right to challenge ourselves with Sanlorenzo, one of the most prestigious shipyards in this sector, and one which we have always followed with interest. The big challenge now is to keep working as well as we have over the past decades - surely a demanding task but also an exciting one.”

Today, Sanlorenzo’s range consists of 14 models in three different categories: the SL line of planing fiberglass hulls from 62 to 118 feet (models: SL62, SL72, SL82, SL94, SL104, SL108 and SL118); the SD line of a semi-displacement fiberglass hulls from 92 to 122 feet (models: SD92, SD110 and SD122); and the superyacht line in metal, from 40 meters, which currently includes the 40Alloy, 42Explorer and 46Steel.