Published: Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Unlike conventional multihulls, a small waterplane area twin hull, or SWATH, allows for wide, uncluttered indoor spaces.

Glass Multihull Shatters Stereotypes 1 

GLASS is organised vertically with three cubic volumes stacked like Lego blocks. This way, each floor maximises the amount of living space.

 Glass Multihull Shatters Stereotypes 2

The aft deck lowers itself to the water for access to tenders and water sports. This space could also be used to house an amphitheatre. 

Nature and architecture come together to create a casual yet refined environment.

Glass Multihull Shatters Stereotypes 3 

Designer Lujac Desautel is an architecture student at California College of the Arts, School of Architecture. His inspiration for the GLASS project came from both experimenting with Lego and observing nature around him in his native Cannon Beach, Oregon. Desautel believes that great design offers an authentic beauty that invites people to consider experiencing the world in a different way. He was nominated for ShowBoats Young Designer of the Year award in 2014.