Published: Friday, 23 May 2014

In light of the growing demand for superyacht transportation in Asia, Sevenstar Yacht Transport recently appointed Rene Ho as agent to Sevenstar for China and Hong Kong.

Record Performance For Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

Ho is an industry professional in the China and Hong Kong region working with Martello Yachting (Asia) Ltd. a company already operating offices in both Beijing and Hong Kong. “This deal makes a great addition to Sevenstar's current Asian agents in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia,” says Jan-Maarten Boissevain, sales director for the Far and Middle East for Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

The second quarter has rocketed off with massive demand for Sevenstar Yacht Transport’s services, proving its leading market position. Sevenstar made more than 70 port calls in April worldwide and 200 yachts were shipped to the Mediterranean in just one month.

Record Performance For Sevenstar Yacht Transport 1

May is traditionally a busy month for Sevenstar as yacht owners prepare for their summer holidays. But this year the amount of yachts surged to an unprecedented number leaving no deck space unused, even on Sevenstar’s vast fleet of carriers. Yachts were loaded or discharged in a port somewhere in the world more than twice a day. The Transatlantic route is traditionally the busiest route as Sevenstar transports yachts back and forth from Florida to the Caribbean to the Mediterranean almost continuously.

Record Performance For Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Managing Director Richard Klabbers is content with his team, “This level of performance can only be achieved through hard work by an experienced staff with a passion for the job. Yacht transport is an intricate process with many facets, each of which needs the utmost attention. At Sevenstar I am very pleased to have a team that has a vast experience of almost 20 years in the yacht transportation business.”