Published: Tuesday, 24 June 2014

In conjunction with its Australian agents Aurora Global Logistics and the newly located Peters and May Fort Lauderdale Office, Peters and May will be launching its first part charter sailings to Australia.

The first sailing will leave from the Mediterranean to the East Coast of Australia and the second from the East Coast of the US to the East Coast of Australia.

Over the past year Peters and May has noticed an increased demand for this route.

“We successfully perform sailings throughout the year from a variety of global destinations and we are excited to work with Aurora to add this route to our portfolio of premium part charter sailings,” says Robert Blades, Global Sales and Marketing Director at Peters and May. “Due to the increased demand for this type of charter service to Australia from both Europe and [the] US, we are confident these services will become annual successes for both Aurora and Peters and May.”

 Peters And May Team Up With Aurora Yacht Logistics

“We are pleased to be part of the Peters and May network and excited to offer the Australian marine industry a high level, part charter option,” says Jason Roberts, Marketing Director of Aurora Logistics. “There are very few reliable international yacht transport services available in the trade routes between Australia, Europe and the US, however…both Aurora and Peters and May are able to offer alternative transport options for yacht owners, dealers, race yachts and commercial craft alike.”