Published: Wednesday, 09 July 2014

The first Asian edition of the Service University (Ferretti Group’s professional training and refresher courses school) has come to a close. The courses were held in Hong Kong and targeted at the Group’s official service network operators in the region.

For over 25 years Ferretti Group has been organising training meetings for its dealers and service points, in order to guarantee top-notch services to its customers all over the world.

This year, for the first time ever, the Service University was held in Asia, gathering in Hong Kong more than 30 participants from all over the Asia-Pacific region.

Ferretti Service University In Hong Kong

This is a very significant event, one year after the new office in Hong Kong was opened, because it once again demonstrates Ferretti Group’s strategy to increasingly meet the needs of individual markets, focusing on their specific requirements.

“This edition of the Service University, held in Hong Kong, is part of a wider project, launched several years ago and constantly evolving, aimed at always moving closer and closer to the markets where we are present, and to our customers,” says Ferretti Group’s CEO, Alberto Galassi. “I was delighted to see so many professionals from the yachting sector participate in the event – both historical ones and others that have only recently joined the large Ferretti Group family.”

The training, organised by the Group’s After Sales and Service team, took place over five days and included both theoretical and practical sessions.

During the training week, specific boat usage and maintenance issues were dealt with. Ferretti Group Product Management Officer Antonio Campagnuolo, provided details on the various systems, new features and the usage requirements of the most recent models built by Ferretti.

Ferretti Service University In Hong Kong 1

All participants expressed their great appreciation for the courses. At the end they received attendance certificates.

As usual, this annual training will be joined by visits to the various dealers and service points, in order to perform on the job training activities on board the yachts.