Published: Friday, 26 February 2016

The shareholders’ assembly of CRN S.p.A., part of Italian manufacturer Ferretti Group, has appointed the new Board of Directors.

Crn Appoints New Board Of Directors 2

(CRN 55M Atlante)

Ferretti Group CEO and Director Alberto Galassi will head the board as chairman, with Piero Ferrari serving as Vice Chariman. Other board members will include  the Group’s Chief Commercial Officer Stefano de Vivo, Giordano Pellacani, Chief Financial Officer Italo Valenti and Marco Zammarchi.

Lamberto Tacoli leaves the company at the end of his mandate of President and CEO of CRN S.p.A..

“Ferretti Group thanks Lamberto Tacoli for having served for many years in different Ferretti Group Companies and confirms its trust to Tacoli in his role of Chairman of the Association Nautica Italiana, where he will continue to represent the interests of the Italian nautical industry,” says the Ferretti Group.

Tacoli leaves the company after 21 years, including 16 years at CRN.