Published: Thursday, 02 June 2016

The main speakers were announced for the Sustainability in the Marine Industry Conference in Amsterdam, Holland on Monday November 14, the day before the 2016 Metstrade Show begins.

Line Up Announced For Sustainability In The Marine Industry Conference 5

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The event will be chaired by Secretary General of Icomia Udo Kleinitz and the key speakers will include President of European Boating Association Willem Dekker and Secretary General of European Boating Industry Mirna Cieniewicz.

The Sustainability in the Marine Industry Conference is a direct follow-up to last year’s Future of Yacht Recycling conference, which was also held on the first day of Metstrade Week. It is jointly organised by Quaynote Communications and Yacht Media, hosted by Metstrade and technically supported by Icomia.

Line Up Announced For Sustainability In The Marine Industry Conference 2

“This second conference is assured of an impressive line-up of acknowledged marine industry experts, together with a broad-based international audience,” says Yacht Media’s Peter Franklin. “We already have speakers and panelists booked from organisations which are leading the way in promoting and developing the concepts of ocean conservation and the circular economy within the leisure marine sector. Our industry ultimately relies on the health and biodiversity of our seas and waterways, and the unifying message of the conference will be that cleaner seas and more sustainable products support growth.”

The Sustainability in the Marine Industry Conference will pose the question: How can adopting a Circular Economy framework make sound business/financial sense for our marine industry, as well as improving the prospects for future environmental sustainability?

Line Up Announced For Sustainability In The Marine Industry Conference 1

In addition to Kleinitz, Dekker and Cieniewicz, the other prominent speakers, panelists and moderators addressing this issue will be Creative Director at the Materia Group (the Netherlands) Els Zijlstra, Technical Manager at Icomia Patrick Hemp, Communications Manager at Icomia Barbara Fountoukos, Environmental Consultant at Icomia Albert Willemsen, Head of External Relations at British Marine (UK) Brian Clark, Sustainability Director at Diab Group (Sweden) Per Hökfelt, VP Sales at CMP Marine Division (Canada) Tyler Seebach. 

Also present will be Rory Moore and Sara-Jane Skinner from Blue Marine Foundation, Supporting Sponsors of the conference programme. With a target to create vital marine reserves in 10% of the world’s oceans by 2020, Blue has already helped create some of the largest marine reserves in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

It also created a new model for sustainable fishing on the south coast of England with the potential to be replicated around the coast of Britain and beyond. Blue’s work is supported by yacht Owners who recognise the important contribution the foundation makes to the health of the sailing environment.

Line Up Announced For Sustainability In The Marine Industry Conference

After a welcome speech by Managing Director of HISWA Holland Marine Industry Geert Dijks, the conference programme will kick off with an update on the progress made with the dismantling and recycling of End-Of-Life-Boats, the main subject of last year’s conference. This will be followed by a session on ‘Life Cycle Assessment’, looking at real lifetime costs of boating from raw materials, manufacturing, energy input, energy consumption, emission of greenhouse gases through to the dismantling and recycling at End-of-Life.

The afternoon will continue with discussions on the ‘Circular Economy’, exploring what it really means and how it might relate to the marine industry. Comparisons will be made with how other industries are accepting and adapting to this concept.

Line Up Announced For Sustainability In The Marine Industry Conference 3

Based on feedback from last year’s event, the next session will be ­– ‘Designing and constructing boats for easier dismantling and environmentally responsible recycling in the future.’ It will feature a look at the naval architects/designers viewpoint, with practical examples of how design principles are changing to meet this requirement. Developments in sustainable materials will also be reviewed, examining which materials are available now and in the future that can genuinely meet the demands of marine use at an acceptable cost level while still being 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

Delegates and participants will also enjoy a lunch sponsored by Metstrade and have ample opportunities for business networking during the two-hour pre-conference registration period and coffee breaks. The delegates will end the day with an exclusive VIP tour of the 2016 Materials Xperience Display. The large range of innovative construction and manufacturing materials is presented by Materia, a global network organisation connecting naval architects, designers and boat manufacturers with materials that add value to their projects. 

Line Up Announced For Sustainability In The Marine Industry Conference 4