Published: Thursday, 21 July 2016

Riva’s newly launched models - Rivamare and the 76 Bahamas will make their debut at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival (Sept 6-11). The company will also unveil the new Fiat 500 Riva car. It also announced that the build of the 100 Corsaro is at an advanced stage – the new Riva flybridge will be presented at a special event in Asia before the end of the year.

Riva Unveiled 76 Bahamas And Announced Riva 100 Corsaro 5

(Photos: Riva Yachts - 76 Bahamas)

The products of the collaboration between Officina Italiana Design, the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Division and the latter’s Strategic Product Committee, the Rivamare and 76 Bahamas join a new line of luxury yachts characterised by innovative, sophisticated aesthetic canons, liveries and design details. They epitomise the mix of style, comfort and performance ushered in by the 76 Perseo, 88 Florida and 88 Domino Super in 2015.

The 76 Bahamas is the new convertible that transfers some of the most successful solutions adopted for the 88 Florida to the naval platform of the 76 Perseo coupe premiered in June 2015. These include the innovative Ferretti-patented Convertible Top, itself derived from the automotive industry, turning the open into a coupe and reconciling two different sporty souls in a single model.

Riva Unveiled 76 Bahamas And Announced Riva 100 Corsaro 4

“On a design level, the new 76 is not the product of the union of two boats. It takes different features from both. To all intents and purposes, it’s a completely new model with a character all of its own and very striking lines,” says Officina Italiana Design Chief Executive Sergio Beretta. “It’s a sporty yacht that absolutely exudes the style and detailing that embody and continue Riva tradition, starting with its Shark Grey hull colour, a brilliant contrast with the bleached oak used extensively in the interiors which also makes the boat feel cool and fresh. This is a very cheerful boat with a Mediterranean character but it’s still perfect for anywhere really.” 

Officina Italiana Design was also called in to work on the design of the new Fiat 500 Riva, a car aimed at a select ownership and that recreates the inimitable exclusivity of an Aquariva Super, one of the iconic models in the current Riva range ashore. The Officina Italiana Design touch is tangible in a whole slew of details, not least the car’s ‘Blu Sera’ bodywork, a colour exclusive to this limited edition car and previously adopted for past Riva yachts. It is underscored by a double pinstrip in aquamarine that enhances the 500’s rounded profile and echoes the yacht’s own beautiful lines. That said, the Fiat 500 Riva was not Officina Italiana Design’s first foray into the automotive world. In 2008, it also worked on the Ferrari Scaglietti concept car, bringing yacht-derived materials, such as leather, carbon-fibre and mahogany, to the latter’s interior. The Aquariva Gucci also involved another experimental project.

Riva Unveiled 76 Bahamas And Announced Riva 100 Corsaro

(Fiat 500)

“Fiat wanted a new take on the 500 using Riva styling cues and we loved the idea of that challenge,” say Beretta and Mauro Micheli. “We’re not new to working outside the nautical sector. When we do, we always see such projects as an excellent opportunity to look at things from a different perspective. We also find it very stimulating to interact with experts – the intellectual exchange is instant. The 500 and the Aquariva, the model the car is twinned with in terms of livery as well as other factors, are both icons that hark back to the 1950s. They’re a testament to a pivotal time in the history of Italian excellence on the international stage. We used mahogany into the car’s interior where there would usually be plastic. We trimmed back on excess steel and worked on light-dark contrasts. On the bodywork, two thin pinstripes in aquamarine, a historic Riva colour, pick out the profile like the waterline on a boat. Essentially, we didn’t want to distort the 500’s classic lines but we did want to respect its design and the Riva brand.”

Riva Unveiled 76 Bahamas And Announced Riva 100 Corsaro 3

(100 Corsaro)

The 100 Corsaro is a maxiyacht nearing completion at the Ferretti Group yard in La Spezia, Italy. It will be presented to the world next autumn at an ad hoc event in Asia. Exuding its own unique style, it hails the Riva brand’s return to the Flybridge segment with new solutions and volumes. 

Riva Unveiled 76 Bahamas And Announced Riva 100 Corsaro 2


“It’s a celebration of an eponymous flybridge, the Duchessa, the flagship of the Riva fleet in the 1980s. The 100 Corsaro epitomises the present, however, It is very much a head-turner of a model: it not only has a strong Riva brand identity but also a sophisticated new design,” say Micheli and Beretta. “Its clean lines and decisive yet organic forms will appeal hugely to Owners that tend to go for less traditional, more characterful boats. The interiors are elegant with every smallest detail designed and executed to perfection. We also raised the bar with the 100 Corsaro in terms of challenging ourselves. We managed to create, for instance, a new full-beam Owner’s stateroom forward that is particularly bright and comfortable. There are also lots of al fresco areas where guests can spend time together, such as the seating area forward of the sun pad, which provides spectacular sea views.”

Riva Unveiled 76 Bahamas And Announced Riva 100 Corsaro 1