Published: Monday, 03 October 2016

The enchanting 55-metre Elixir (180 ft) had a busy viewing schedule at her debut at the Monaco Yacht Show Sept 28-Oct 1, hosted by Holland luxury yacht builder Amels. Elixir is the latest incarnation of the successful Amels 180 design. Elixir’s delivery in June 2016 just eight months from signing, impeccable high quality, and substantial Owner customisation make her the perfect showcase for the successful Amels Limited Editions range.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 11

(Photos: Amels - 55-metre Elixir)

The Amels Limited Editions project meant the Owner was able to create a personal and characteristic yacht he or she wanted, but much more quickly than a full custom build. Amels delivered Elixir with top quality, on budget and more than a week ahead of schedule. With the Owner on board, Elixir spent her first summer season cruising the Mediterranean. The superyacht is also available for charter with Y.CO.

The Owner collaborated with exterior designer Tim Heywood and interior designer Laura Sessa to create Elixir’s holistic design full of eccentric contrasts: dark meets light; masculine worldliness meets curvaceous elegance; relaxed comfort meets clean contemporary style.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 9

(Sun deck)

The faultless application of jet-black gloss around the superstructure contrasts with the natural tone of the oyster white paintwork. The look is completed with the gleam of stainless steel railings and aft deck pillars, plus black sun awnings and uprights.

Elixir boasts magnificent outdoor spaces, with a huge sun deck at 25 metres long (82ft) and a luxury space of 155 square metres (1,668sq ft). Guests can enjoy the large and beautifully integrated 3,000-litre Jacuzzi on sun deck, or dine in the cool shade of the bridge deck aft. After relaxing in the beach club and sauna, the swimming platform provides the right moment for a dip in the water.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 8

(Main deck)

Despite the short timescale, Laura Sessa created an ambitious interior design of changing moods and perspectives with a high degree of customisation in the lighting and loose furniture. Sunlight reflects in high gloss materials and sculpted crystal, ensuring the interiors are bright, airy and connected to the sea outside. Velvet and silk fabrics are shining and luxurious. Organic forms and intriguing symbolic patterns add mystery. 

“We want to give the guest a different impression in different spaces on board the yacht,” Laura explains. “The range of textures, the patterns of foliage, mother of pearl and marble were part of this scope. The contrast of light and dark woods – bleached maple to ebony Macassar – make the interiors very scenographic.” 

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 7

(Main saloon)

At the entrance to the main deck saloon, the cabinet with backlit onyx was specially designed for the Owner, serving as a bar for guests. On the main deck port and starboard folding balconies open up for an al fresco dining feeling and uninterrupted views of the sea.

“Looking at the quality of the interior, the finishing and the workmanship, I have a very critical eye and it’s just faultless, it really is. It’s quality that I can appreciate and understand. There’s been a great, great team working on this project,” says the Owner Representative Captain Simon Ladbrooke.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 10

The stunning 77 square-metre (828sq ft) Owner’s suite on the main deck includes a spacious stateroom, the Owner's office, and a private lounge with an exclusive folding balcony to bring in the cool ocean breezes and enjoy the relaxing sound of the sea.

Built with the Amels 180’s proven finesse, Elixir is exceptionally smooth and comfortable at anchor and underway. She is also an ocean-going yacht, with great seakeeping behaviour and stability, plus solid steel construction from the centre of Dutch shipbuilding excellence.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 6

(Dining area)

“On both sea trials, we arrived back at the shipyard early because all the tests had been carried out and completed without any issues at all. The vibration and the decibel level tests in all the guest and crew areas were well under what was stated in the specifications,” adds Ladbrooke.

Another featured model at the Amels’ stand in Monaco is the scale model of 97-metre full custom project Polaris (318 ft). The project highlights Amels as a high quality Northern European shipyard for large fully custom-built yachts.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 2

(97-metre full custom project Polaris)

Polaris is one of several new Amels custom concept collaborations. Amels has a long history of working with both the top names from the superyacht design industry as well as up-and-coming talent.

“Since re-introducing our Full Custom offer to the market last year, we’ve seen a lot of enthusiasm and interest from clients, brokers and designers to work with Amels,” says Amels Design Manager Hans Konings. “These custom concepts are a great starting point in our discussions about fully custom-built yachts.”

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 3

The Monaco Yacht Show has been a great opportunity to show how Amels has developed its Full Custom offer, including the appointment of Manager Projects Custom Building Roeland Berrevoets. Since 2003, Berrevoets has successfully managed many of Amels’ most complex projects, including the 83-metre Here Comes The Sun (272 ft), the largest Amels yacht built to date.

Amels has built many iconic full custom yachts – Ilona, Boadicea, Lady Anne, Montkaj, Solemar, just to name a few. The yard’s return to Full Custom is a natural step forward as it grows together with its clients. Amels has prepared during the last few years with investments in top facilities (including a 204-metre long fully climate-controlled drydock) and a solid base of highly skilled workers who have been many years with the shipyard.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 4

(Amels Design Manager Hans Konings)

At the Monaco Yacht Show, high-end yachting clients got a taste of the exhilarating world of true expedition yachting with legendary ocean explorer Dr Don Walsh, one of only three people to have reached the Earth’s deepest point, including filmmaker James Cameron, Dr Walsh was at the SeaXplorer Lounge in Monaco hosted by Dutch shipbuilder Damen. 

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco

(Dr Don Walsh)

Dr Walsh met with a new generation of superyacht Owners who are no longer content with anchoring off the Côte d'Azur. These Owners want to go to the wildest places on Earth, and they want to get there in total comfort, luxury and safety.

In January 1960, Dr Walsh and Jacques Piccard took the submersible Trieste on a record-breaking 10-kilometre descent (35,840ft) to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench (which Dr Walsh helped James Cameron to repeat 52 years later).

“I define exploration as curiosity acted upon,” Dr Walsh comments. “The spirit of exploration is inherent in all of us. And there’s still so much of our underwater world to discover. Ninety percent of Earth’s oceans are still unexplored. We’re sending satellites to study the surface of Mars while we still haven’t mapped our own oceans.” 

In addition to the Challenger Deep descent, Dr Walsh’s experience includes a huge number of dive expeditions, including the wrecks of the Titanic and Bismarck. His voyages have taken him to both the Arctic and Antarctic regions, including more than 50 polar expeditions to the Northwest and Northeast Passages, the North (five trips) and South Poles. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of luxury expedition specialist Eyos Expeditions.

At the SeaXplorer Lounge, Eyos Expeditions experts were also on hand to explain the modern luxury yacht capability necessary to reach these destinations, including the autonomy to spend weeks at an expedition site with seven-star service, full provisions and waste management. Eyos Expeditions provided invaluable operational input during the design phase of the new 65 to 100-metre range of Damen SeaXplorer luxury expedition yachts (213 to 328ft). 

Damen introduced the SeaXplorer range for high-end yachting clients who want to explore the most spectacular and remote destinations on Earth – from Antarctic wildernesses to the farthest reaches of the Amazon. Amels and Damen sold of the first Damen SeaXplorer expedition yacht in August. The world premiere of this range of 65, 90 and 100-metre ‘true explorer’ designs took place last September at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 12

(SeaXplorer 90)

The SeaXplorer 65 is a crossover between professional technology and superyacht exclusivity; it is proven capability where you need it, superyacht luxury where you want it.

The expedition yacht offers 40 days of autonomy without port call and complies with the stringent new environmental and safety standards in the IMO Polar Code's B category. 

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 14

The SeaXplorer range was developed through a unique partnership of Damen, Amels, Eyos Expeditions and Azure Yacht Design and Naval Architecture.

An important feature of the SeaXplorer is the high-tech hangar for helicopters, large tenders and dive boats as well as personal submersibles. The rapidly developing technology for personal submersibles makes ocean exploration accessible and safe.

Amels Showcases 55m Elixir And 97m Polaris In Monaco 13

While not every Owner will wish to repeat Dr Walsh’s voyage to Challenger Deep, the Damen SeaXplorer is equipped for dive expeditions to remote islands and shipwrecks, as well as polar dives and close encounters with wildlife (polar bears, whales, sharks) – even discovering new species of ocean life.

Following the sale, the SeaXplorer 65 is scheduled for delivery in 2019.