Published: Thursday, 26 January 2017

The fourth edition of the Jeanneau Chinese Owner’s Meeting held on Jan 21 on the island of Hainan received more than 200 guests who attended the afternoon sailing regatta and gala dinner to share the passion of sailing activities and the on water culture. The event was jointly organised by Jeanneau, its local distributor Speedo Marine, Agile Property and Clearwater Bay Marina. 

Jeanneau Chinese Owners Meeting Gathers 200 Guests 2

(Photos: Jeanneau - Jeanneau Chinese Owner’s Meeting)

On the occasion of the Jeanneau 60th anniversary, it was the first time that the Jeanneau Owners’ meeting had taken place at Clearwater Bay Marina. Within the last four years, Jeanneau Chinese Owners’ meeting has been devoted to promoting and facilitating the sailing culture, also creating a social platform for the boat Owners, sailing enthusiasts, and people from all segments of society.

After a simple and relax departure ceremony, five Jeanneau 57, one Jeanneau 54, one Sun Odyssey 509, one Sun Odyssey 50DS and one Sun Fast 3600 participated in the regatta. The Jeanneau 54 Princess Mei Xi took the lead and won the under 57ft class. The Jeanneau 57 Xin Zhi Fan won in the category of over 57ft.

Jeanneau Chinese Owners Meeting Gathers 200 Guests 1

Back to land, the prize ceremony and gala dinner were hosted at the Clearwater Bay Marina with beautiful lighting setup and breath taking entertainment, the prizes were given out to the winners in between dancing and singing shows, raffles culinary delights.

This Owners’ meeting was also the opportunity to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the Jeanneau family were here to join the fun and share their passion with their friends and family.

Jeanneau Chinese Owners Meeting Gathers 200 Guests