Published: Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The tennis champion Rafael Nadal crowns his childhood yachting dream with Monte Carlo Yachts’ iconic classic: the MCY 76. 

Rafael Nadal Chooses The Mcy 76 As His Personal Yacht 1

(Photo: Monte Carlo Yachts - MCY 76)

Monte Carlo Yachts delivered the boat in Spring 2016, allowing the 16-times Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal to get the most out of his brand new vessel along the Mediterranean beaches and bays.

Known as the “King of Clay”, Nadal recently won the US Open following a season and is widely considered as one of the greatest tennis players of all time. He is also viewed by some sports analysts, tennis writers, fans and media pundits, as the greatest tennis player of the Open Era.

Nadal has achieved a record 10 titles at three different tournaments: French Open, Monte Carlo and Barcelona. He holds the record for most titles at three different levels, ATP500 (Barcelona: 10), Masters 1000 (Monte Carlo: 10), and Grand Slams (Roland Garros: 10).

Rafael Nadal was first introduced to his yacht-to-be at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2015, selecting it over hundreds of other yachts on show at the event.

This year, Nadal returned to Cannes to visit the Monte Carlo Yachts stand for his first public appearance following the US Open victory. Like the tennis champion himself, the MCY 76 has won numerous awards, making it the most widely recognised yacht in its category.

“The model Rafael Nadal has chosen, the MCY 76, can be considered an icon of the yachting world. Since its debut, this yacht has made waves in the industry confirming Monte Carlo Yachts as a global pioneering of projects, always breaking new ground.” said Federico Peruccio, Marketing and Communications Manager of Monte Carlo Yachts.

“We are honoured to have Rafa in the MCY family and thrilled to see him so delighted with his choice: the MCY 76. Some personal customisations have made his yacht even more unique and we know that its understated elegance, privacy features and inherent nautical qualities are the perfect match for him and for anyone that truly loves the sea.”

The naval design and features, such as the timeless and refined style, the pulpit-less high flared bow, the original details and the large spaces that the MCY 76 introduced to the world have become traits of Monte Carlo Yachts.

The history of this model and the Italian brand is based on solid know-how and a strategic vision based mainly on two main drivers: design and product innovation combined with a revolutionary patented manufacturing process.