Published: Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Tecnorib will unveil the new Pirelli J33 – Azimut Special Edition, the first Pirelli-branded jet tender produced for Azimut Yachts at Boot Dusseldorf in Germany held from January 20-28.

Tecnorib Unveils Pirelli J33 Azimut Special Edition In Dusseldorf 1 

(Photo: Pirelli J33 – Azimut Special Edition)

Tecnorib, the official licensee of the Pirelli brand for rigid inflatable boats (RIBs), has signed an agreement with Azimut Yachts to supply Pirelli jet tenders on an exclusive basis and extends its fleet with the Pirelli J33.

The first in the range to be fitted with a water jet engine, this will serve the owners of many Azimut models. “The agreement with Azimut Yachts, the world’s leading motor yacht builder, is a source of pride for Tecnorib,” explained Gianni De Bonis, Tecnorib Managing Director.

“The input from Azimut, aimed at satisfying its owners’ needs, has paved the way for Tecnorib engineers to develop the J33, a product that is closely aligned with market demand right from the base version,” said De Bonis.

As well as marking Tecnorib’s official entry into the market for water jet powered inflatable boats, the J33 reprises distinctive features of Azimut style with gel coat, claddings and colour combinations. 

“Pirelli J33 is a symbol of Azimut Yacht’s quality policy, with the focus once again on the customer. The high level of customisation and the ongoing search for cutting-edge materials are an integral part of our DNA”, said Marco Valle, Azimut Yachts Managing Director.

“We have chosen the jet tender Pirelli-branded because it is a storied made-in-Italy brand, recognised the world over for its glamour, reliability and safety.”

Available on the market starting in Spring 2018, the J33 is being produced in two style variants: Burgundy Charm and Grey Elegance. The Special Edition boasts customised options including a removable steering wheel, a telescopic paddle, a fold-down windscreen, Azimut branded tubes and cushions, and a dashboard bearing the Azimut logo.